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Even better if you can find a state that has antique or classic registrations.  Many are a one time payment / permanent registration.

Oregon is like this and even though the Portland metro area requires smoging 1976 and newer, with SP (Special Purpose) plates,
I do not need to smog my '78.   Not bad for about $80.00. Mike Miller

GMC without a title

I bought my coach with a bill-of-sale (so to speak). There is a place in Maine that will register and send plates to you. <>
You still must have a sheriff verify the vin, and you have to fill in some paperwork and pay the price, but it worked for me.

If the bill of sale says it's a 1975, or earlier, and there is no conflicting evidence on the coach, then you can register it as a '75 or older coach. If it happens to become registered in California (and has never been registered there before) you will duck under the smog-check laws. LD

Seems that not all cops are educated on this aspect of vehicle registration
I have year plates on my 73. I have only been stopped once.
 It was a nearby small town cop who stopped me to tell me that my plates had expired. I handed him a copy of my registration and the flyer that I picked up at the Secretary Of States office (Michigan's version of the DMV) that covers historical plates. He knew nothing about historical plates.
 I would suggest carrying a copy of the literature from the Secretary Of State (or DMV) if you decide to go with  historical or year plates. Could save you some grief. . Dave


I have historic plates on our 1978 gmc in the state of Arkansas. It was a one time $14 fee.

Sam c. Turner

 I too have the 5 year antique plates..
 I get them cause that way I do not have to get an emissions test every year..
 The lady at the license bureau told me to get them..RON
Colorado changed their law a couple of years ago. Now it only applies to 1975 or older EMERY
Colorado used to have a Collector Plate registration available for any vehicle 25 years of order.  That also meant that they would not have to be smog tested.  That was changed on 9/1/09 prior to my moving to Colorado.  The new law said only vehicles 1975 or older would qualify.  That meant that my 1977 would not qualify.

However I learned that the law changed again on 8/7/2013 to allow vehicles 32 years old or older to get the Collector Plate.
I wish that I had known this last year.  I just registered my GMC yesterday as a collector vehicle.

Although the law says that you have to restrict your annual mileage to 4500 (but they don’t ask for odometer readings).

The advantage is that you only have to renew your plates every 5th year and you only have to get a smog test every 5 years.

My cost would have been $124 per year plus $15 per year for the smog test for a total of $695 for the five years.  But the collector plate was $359.14 plus smog of $15 for a cost of $374.14 for 5 years.  That is a savings of $320 over the 5 years plus saving the hassle of getting the annual smog test and waiting in line at the DVM for the annual registration.

Other Colorado owners might want to consider this.Emery
Here is the CA antique plates stuff, may be of help, since the tags dont expire, you may not have to smog it.

There are two categories of antique vehicles, or Vehicles of Historic Value as they're officially tagged.

Anything with 16 or more cylinders manufactured before 1965, or anything manufactured before or in 1922, is considered a horseless
carriage. You can apply for Horseless Carriage plates.

Vehicles manufactured after 1922 that are at least 25 years old are considered historic vehicles and are eligible for Historical Vehicle
plates. These vehicles must be of historic interest, meaning that they are collectible and are used for exhibitions and car club meetings.

Antique Motorcycle plates are also available for motorcycles manufactured in or before 1942.

Use the Special License Plates form to apply for all of the above plates. The fee is $25, and as these special plates require extra
documentation, they cannot be ordered online.

The plates don't expire and remain with the vehicle if it changes ownership. SAMMY

You may find something within this site that can be added to your excellent compilation of antique license plates.

Also, there is an Antique tag. All cars must be 30 years or older to qualify. No RVs. We tried to get GMCs ok'd as an exception but no go.
In addition you can apply 'Year Of Issue' tags such as on my Packard. David Lee Greenberg

here in georgia I was able to get the antique plate, which is nice because it has a picture of a model-t ford on it. The green Pickle

I have historic plates on our coach.  It was a one time $35 fee.
Most of the GMC Greatlakers have this type of plate on their coaches.
J.R. Wright

I just checked the Michigan SOS website.
  The deal in Michigan now is:
"Historical vehicle plates are available for $30, and are valid for 10 years.
A Historical vehicle must be:
. 26 or more years old -- based on model year
. Owned solely as a collector's item
. Used only for events such as historical club activities, parades, and car shows.

Note: A designated historical vehicle cannot be used for routine

The part about "used only for historical club activities" etc. is what keeps me from doing it, since going to rallies is about 10% of my GMC driving. Plus, I'm too chicken to take a chance on getting stopped on my way to my cottage or some other non club activity and having to lie to the officer about where I'm headed.
In Michigan (one of the very few things good about this address) there are two choices.
An Historic (hysterical) plate is 85$ and good for 10 years.
An Authentic (actual plate for the year of manufacture) is also 85$, but good for as long as it is yours.

There are use restrictions:
The vehicle is only to be driven to/from events, shows and parades or for repairs, except August, you can drive it all you want.
I don't think that there is a day on the calendar that I could not be going to a GMC, FMCA, or TCT rally somewhere.  It doesn't say I have to take the
short way.  (You mean Yellowstone is not on the way to Chippeaw Falls??)

Years ago, the powers that be traded the E-10 state mandate for Inspection and maintenance so we haven't had emissions check here for a long time.
Mississippi antique plates are $40 for lifetime.  Apparently no driving or range restrictions.  Many antique plated cars on the road as daily drivers.  Some should be considered "daily wrecks"
looking at their general condition.  Require annual inspection sticker, for $5.  Again referring to " daily wrecks",  the inspection is to see if you have $5.
Poor people in a poor State.Tom Phipps

Mo. is a one time fee of 28 bux. No more inspections, ever, and no more fees. to and from Car show or gatherings, parade, and a few thousand miles personal a year. I am always on my way to a ralley or car show.

Montana has what they call "permanent plates".  It is on a sliding scale depending how old the vehicle is.  We paid $195 4 years ago.  I believe the
vehicle needs to be at least 20 years old to get them.  Of course in Montana there are no smog inspections for any vehicles.  As a side note, we also
don't have any sales tax. Phil

  I got today a set of Nebraska Historic plates for the GMC. $70 and they don't expire. No questions or problems getting them from the state DMV office in Lincoln. The rules as of July 2009 from the DMV website at

  "Historical plates are provided by the State of Nebraska to vehicles thirty (30) years old or older that are essentially unaltered from the original manufacturer's specifications. Two plates are required and must be displayed on the front and back of the vehicle.
  A vehicle licensed with Historical license plates may only be used for test drives, parades and hobby-related activities. Vehicles registered with Historical license plates may not be used for normal transportation to and from work, driven on a daily basis, or used for hire"

Thanks for posting this on the net and getting me going on it.Wally Anderson

I just received an email from Mike Morton with a copy of the law in NC that regulates County taxing using a antique license.  I had a problem with the county I live in when I changes my 70 Monte Carlo to Antique License.  They increased the value by a factor of 10 because they said it was required by law since it was a "collector item".  I called the State Bureau and they laughed about it and said it was not part of the law.  When I faced them again they agreed to reduce the tax, but doubled it instead.  This year they doubled it again.  The NC law that was adopted in 1995 states "Antique automobiles shall be assessed for Taxation at a lower of its true value or five hundred dollars($500.00)."

I intend to revisit the tax office again and show this to them and relicense my GMC as antique and reduce the tax on the Monte Carlo.  My GMC is licensed as a van and if any NC person wants to get antique license you can do it and probably lower your tax base.  There are some qualifications but I think most people would qualify.  I suspect there are other states that have a similar law so if you are interested,it might be worth checking out.
Gene Dotson

 - historic plates - one time fee for 50 years - $10.00

The listing for Ohio is accurate but thought you might like more information. Ohio Revised Code allows for the issuance of historic plates for vehicles (including motorhomes) that are 25 years of age or older, the two plates issued must be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle. The use of the vehicle is restricted to special events and is not for daily transportation, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol any travel to rallies and for service qualify as legitimate uses of historic plates.

You are allowed to attach and display at least one state-issued license plate from the year of manufacture and it must be attached to the rear of the vehicle. If the owner chooses to display the "year" plate(s) the state-issued historic plates must be carried in the vehicle to be shown to a law enforcement officer upon request.
In my case I have a single "House Vehicle" plate displayed on the rear and carry the historic plates in the coach per the ORC requirement. "Year" plates are easy to find at auto swap meets, the going price here is about $10 a pair.
Jim Wagner is the GMCer who put me onto this deal, the usual annual fee for a motorhome is about $62 per year so a one-time fee of $10 is a real savings.


  It was about $81 and they NEVER EXPIRE!  The plate (only 1) does not have any dates or stickers.  They actually sent me two plates with different numbers but the registration for only one.

"Vehicles may only be used for exhibitions, parades, club activities and similar uses."
 Good reason to join a GMC club....  There is almost always something going on SOMEWHERE.

 if you have collector plates, no emissions is required regardless of the vehicles age or location.

You can find the forms here:

Antique Special Interest Vehicle Declaration for Registration, Form 6577
As our rigs are all over 25 years old, just Fill in the top row, check box "B"; and sign/date it.

Section 2 is for Special Interest Vehicles LESS than 25 years old.

If already titled in Oregon, you can mail it...But if you get it person, at the DMV office, they will give you a temporary registration. I think it was $81 total... it is not on the paperwork I have. Mike Miller


I successfully registered my GMC as an antique but there are restrictions. I am not permitted on provincial roads with speed limits exceeding 70km/hr unless it is the only route available.

Some license bureaus may say that RVs are not eligible, so just try another one. This happened to me so I tried a more rural office and was successful.

Quebec law also requires inspection for any vehicle that has been unregistered/unloaded for more than 365 days. My coach had been parked for more than 5 years, and required a safety inspection if registered through normal channels. A little known loophole in Quebec's vehicle registration process allowed me to bypass the safety check. This loophole requires that the vehicle title be transferred to a new owner with the transaction being done through a used car dealer. The sales taxes and a small service fee are paid to the dealer based on the value of the transaction. This paperwork is then brought to a license bureau and the new title and plates are issued. No inspection and no hassles over declared vehicle value.

Quebec based insurance companies will often request proof of a safety inspection as well as a professional evaluation prior to providing coverage for these old GMCs. Since I am in the process of a full rebuild and overhaul of all mechanicals and safety related components, I am not concerned about passing the safety inspection. For new owners hoping to use a GMC in a more original state, they might encounter problems getting through a safety check, and the insurance may not provide anything more than liability coverage.

All things to consider for new owners up here.Les Burt

 Knoxville Tenn. today I changed from Handicap tag to permanent Antique tag.

$27.75 registration fee
 2.50 issuance fee
 36.00 wheel tax (Knox Co)
$66.25 total

If I had used Mothers address in Anderson Co. next door (6 miles) it would have been $29.75
C. Boyd.

Antique Motor Vehicles.
Per Tennessee Code Ann. § 55-4-111, a person may register a vehicle as an “antique
motor vehicle” providing that certain requirements are satisfied. The vehicle:
Must be a motor vehicle over twenty-five (25) years old,
Must have a non-modified engine and body,
Can be used for participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, and similar uses as a collector’s item,
Can only be used for general transportation on Saturday and Sunday.
No renewal required.
This registration is a permanent registration and is not required to be renewed annually. 

The full text and ceritification form are here...

On May 15, 2009 I registered The Colonel here in San Antonio using a value of $3000 and it cost me   $273.30 for an antique plate.
  My registration indicates expiration of 3/2013. I did not have to have mine weighed as I had with me the paper label from Coachmen Industries Inc dated 5/77 indicating GVWR of 11,700.
Here are the rules for Texas:

It's $50.53 for 5 years with the cost being prorated out to the year 2013 (all Texas antique plates expire in the same year).
If you make this a webpage, I would just make it a bunk of links to each states DOT website rules page.
When I got mine, the person I worked with first wasn't convinced that RVs were allowed.  I had to be a little insistent and got someone with a little more experience to let them know it was OK

Go here for the application: For "body style", use "grand touring vehicle". GM used that term in some of its promotions and I used it on my application.
No questions asked. Alternatively, it can be  a "1 ton truck" as some of the bodies were used in commercial service as "trucks". Further, the vehicle was made by the GMC Truck and Coach Division of General Motors.

The clerk in Smith County, TX just perfunctorily issued the plate for my '78 Royale when I applied in 2003. 'Took maybe 3 minutes.  Fred Hudspeth
I registered Double Trouble as an antique vehicle on 5/20/2009 at the tax office at:

7710 Will Clayton Parkway
Humble, TX 77338-5801

As I was transferring it from an out of state registration / title (New Jersey) I got One Trip Permit and had it:
1) inspected by a garage holding a TDOT license to do so
2) weighed at a public weighbridge (Interstate Scales)

I didn't have any problems.

The Texas Application Receipt notes:

Registration Class: Antique
Plate Type: Antique PLT

Vehicle Identification No: TZE000V000000 Vehicle Classification: PASS
Yr/Make: 1975 GMC  Model: AVN  Body Style: MH  Unit No: Blank
Empty wt: 11100  Carrying Capacity: 0 Gross Weight: 11100

I'd take the easy way out and go to a different office. ROB
Texas antique plates are $50.30 for five years, no smog, no inspection, NADA!

Texas Antique Vehicle Provisions:
Antique license plates are issued for cars, trucks or motorcycles that are at least 25 years old and are a collector's item. The
vehicle must be used exclusively for exhibitions, club activities, parades or other functions of public interest. Vehicles
displaying Antique plates may not be used for regular transportation or carry advertising. The vehicle may be driven to and from a
location for routine maintenance.

Antique plates are issued for five-year periods. The registration fee for the five-year period is $50.30 ($10 per year, plus an
additional 30 cents for the registration insignia) for vehicles manufactured in 1921 and subsequent years and $40.30 ($8 per year,
plus an additional 30 cents for the registration insignia) for vehicles manufactured in 1920 and prior years. Fees are reduced
$10/$8 for each year of the period that has elapsed at the time the application is filed.

For us it is easy to meet the "club activities" requirement as when we are in the USA for the summers there's always a GMC rally or
convention on somewhere and we note that so if we get stopped (hasn't happened in seven years of touring) we can show the officer
we're on the way to . . . . . . . . . rally / convention. Once we're out of Texas it doesn't matter.

Other Texas owners might consider this as well. ROB

As the proud owner of the Virginia Antique plate number "GMCMH", it was a piece of cake.  $50 for lifetime registration fee, and $10 per year for the "GMCMH".  It works for me.  No annual inspection or emissions.  No property tax.  What's not to love?
Tom Phipps'

 I got a lifetime clasic plate for my '76 GMC
and it cost me $45. WAHOO!! never buy plates again.<VBG>............Terry

to register it as a Collector vehicle.
 Issued for vehicles 20 years or older that have not been altered or modified from manufacturer's specifications. Must have another vehicle currently registered. Cannot be operated during the month of January without a temporary plate.

Cost of the Collector plate is, Non-expiring one-time $50 application fee plus twice the annual registration fee for the vehicle type being registered.  So, if you already have a classic car registered, the cost is 2 X $85 or $170.

 If you don't have another vehicle registered, it is $170 plus the $50 one time fee...or $220.00...and you never have to register it again. IMO a "good deal"..
Larry :)